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Camping with swimming pool in the Drôme

Introducing the pool

Come and enjoy our large pool of 10×15 meters, to cool off and relax on our sunbathing at the campsite in the Drôme. You can read in the shade of the sails or warm up in the sun.

The pool is fully fenced and secured by barriers to standards so that your young children cannot enter the pool without accompaniment.

camping with swimming pool

Pool rules

  • Swim shorts and briefs are strictly forbidden and you will find swimsuits for sale at the reception.
  • It is also obligatory to leave your shoes or flip flops outside the pool and to go through the pediluve. Indeed, these hygiene rules are provided in order to avoid chlorine overload of the pool and thus a swimming in better conditions for all.
  • Balloons and inflatable structures are tolerated during low crowds and we rely on your common sense to have fun.
  • We would also like to point out that no sunbathing can be reserved from morning to night and we will make sure that no towels are left without an owner! Again we rely on your understanding, in order to respect other holidaymakers.
  • Children are the responsibility of their parents.
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Hygiene around the pool

  • For hygiene reasons again, no food will be accepted in the pool area.
  • A shower is highly recommended before entering the pool. The reason is very simple: it eliminates the majority of bacteria present on your body.
    Those that are not removed by the shower will be treated with chlorine in the pool to prevent water spread and contamination (chlorine levels are permanently adjusted to the level of bacteria). However, it is this decomposition of chlorine in contact with the bacterium called chloramine that irritates the eyes.

Moral of the story: If you don’t want your eyes to sting, take a shower before you take a head !!!

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